Here are some common questions we get asked. If you can't find your answer here, please call us on 01604 263002 and we are happy to answer any questions you might have.

Q.  Are your products safe to feed for horses competing nationally and internationally?

A. Yes. All our products are manufactured in our own production facility which is UFAS (Universal Feed Assurance Scheme) and NOPS (Naturally Occurring Prohibited Substances) certified. This means the highest level of screening and laboratory testing takes place for both the raw materials and the finish products.

Q.  How environmentally friendly are you?

A. We believe that any company can manufacture products whilst still fulfilling our responsibility to the environment. This is why our pouches are certified compostable according to EN13432. They leave behind NO harmful substances in the environment. We also use recyclable packaging and we do not print paper copies of invoices or orders. You can always print these from the emails we send you – but we’d prefer it if you can save a few trees by not doing so. We do not use plastics at all and believe we all have a duty to our world and environment to alleviate the pollution caused by plastics. 

Q. Is delivery free?

A. Delivery is free to the entire UK. For Ireland it is £7.99 and the Rest of the World £9.99

Q. How natural are your products?

A. We believe in feeding as close as nature intended. That’s why we do not use GM ingredients, artificial colours, artificial sweeteners, artificial preservatives, soya, fillers or bulking agents, molasses and alfalfa.

Q. How can I contact you?

A. You can either email us at hello@nourishanimalhealth.com or call our nutritional helpline on 01604 263002

Q. What experts do you have to help with my nutritional questions?

A. We have an outstanding team of qualified nutritionists and veterinary surgeons. Our team are there to give you the best advice and support and are just a phone call away.

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